Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Marketing Ideas for a "$0" Budget

Most of the events at the Stone Barn Farm are marketed for $0 or a minimal amount of money. Following are ways to promote an event on a few low budget:

1. Make a specific Facebook event. Here is the great idea - ask all of your Facebook friends to share your event. Think of all the people that your friends know and how many more people will see the event. You can even offer an incentive to those who share your event such as a free door prize at the event or have a drawing among those who share for free admission.

2. Flyers. People look at flyers at the convenience store when they are waiting for the bathroom. They look at flyers at the bank and at the grocery story - especially in small towns. Make a cool flyer that stands out from others. I often print my flyers on colored paper and try to have an unusual look to them - large bold headline, cool pictures, etc.

3. Yard signs. Yard signs are fairly inexpensive to have printed. I have a "guy" who makes them for me for $5 a sign. I stick event yard signs around town. The key is to make it easy to read while someone is driving by. Don't use too many words or any graphics. For example one of my signs might read, Vintage Market, Sept. 29, Dexter on three separate lines.

What great ways do you promote events? I would love to hear more...

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Vintage Camper LOVE

I love vintage campers! Several years ago I bought a 1968 Scotty Sierra for $200 years. It was pulled from a field and had several rat’s nests in it. I put on a mask, rubber gloves and cleaned it out. It is fabulous but I realized that it needed lots of work that I can’t do myself. So it’s now at a local contractor’s garage and he is rebuilding the walls and several other repairs. When I get it back, I’ll paint it and start decorating!

I’m looking forward to camping in it this summer! More pictures to come when further along!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Junkin Queen

I confess - I am a Junkin' Queen! I comb over thrift stores, garage sales and auctions to find unique, one of a kind items! I've been able to make my hobby into a business by having a booth at an Antique Mall and repurpose shop. I also love "boothing" - which means setting up a booth at Vintage Markets. In the fall each year, the Stone Barn Farm hosts a Vintage Camper Show and Vintage Market. I'll be posting my schedule of Junkin' events soon!

Kansas Barn Alliance

The Kansas Barn Alliance was formed to discover, memorialize and preserve the story of rural Kansas, especially barns. It's a fun group who work together to collect stories and pictures of barns in rural Kansas and to encourage preservation of barns. They host an annual conference called Barn Fest and distribute a quarterly newsletter.

The Stone Barn Farm is proud to be a member of the Kansas Barn Alliance and I (Shannon) serve on the board as the Vice President.

You can find out more about the Kansas Barn Alliance at kansasbarnalliance.org.

Farm Weddings

Over the years, we have hosted some beautiful weddings at the Stone Barn Farm. It always amazes me how creative the brides are when it comes to decorating. I love the country themed events.

One bride had a drone flyover as the bridal party formed a heart shape.

Another couple was treated, after a rainy morning, to a double rainbow that appeared over the barn at the end of their wedding.

Weddings at the Stone Barn Farm costs $750 for the whole weekend and include one cabin for both Friday and Saturday night. Three other cabins are available for rent, if needed. (620) 886-1703 for more information.

Relax in the Home on the Range Cabin

We have four log cabins for rent at the Stone Barn Farm. Each cabin has a theme. Cabin Four is called Home on the Range and has a Kansas theme. It's decorated with sunflowers and has a king size bed and hot tub. It's also our most popular cabin and rents for $90 a night. It's a great place to relax and includes lots of amenities - coffee maker, apartment size refrigerator, microwave, cable tv, all linens and the previously mentioned hot tub! Call for reservations (620) 886-1703.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Mom of Twins

I'm the mom of 9 year old twin boys. It's a constant adventure and I have often been encouraged to write down some of my experiences.

So here's one...

We were at the convenience store in Winfield and I was getting gas. The twins went inside to get something to drink. I pumped the gas and came in to pay. As I came around the row, I see Wyatt on his hands and knees with Wade standing on his back reaching for a pop high in the cooler. They look at me and smile and Wade says, "It pays to be a twin!"

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Marketing Ideas for a "$0" Budget

Most of the events at the Stone Barn Farm are marketed for $0 or a minimal amount of money. Following are ways to promote an event on a few...

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